Sonoma County Community Separators

Across the State of California, many communities have developed to the point where the only distinguishable feature separating one another is merely a line on a map. The land between the two communities is fully developed.  The residents (or residences?) of Sonoma County value open space between our cities and towns. In fact, in 1996, the voters approved restricting the development on this open space.  Twenty years later, in 2016, the voters extended the protections to Community Separators through 2036.

While Community Separators do not entirely prevent development of a property, they do significantly reduce the allowed uses on the property.  The intent is to retain not only a rural character, but promote low intensities of development within the Community Separators.  Generally, Community Separator parcels are allowed as follows: 1 unit per 10 acres; agricultural buildings should be clustered; or the usage of existing vegetation and topography to screen buildings.  Increase density or changing use to commercial/industrial is generally not allowed because such uses are not consistent with the intent of a Community Separator.

If your own a Community Separator parcel or thinking about buying one, please feel free to reach out to Boriolo Engineering to find out what type of development/improvements you can do on your property.

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