California Tiger Salamanders Mitigation & Development

If you are planning on developing within the Santa Rosa Plain, you should be aware of the California Tiger Salamander (CTS).  The Sonoma County population of CTS made the federal endangered species in 2003.  New development and redevelopment has the potential to negatively impact the CTS.

Typically, development takes form in construction of buildings, roadways, parking, and hardscaping which is not conducive to CTS habitat.  When a project is within the Santa Rosa Plain Conservation Strategy Study Area, mitigation is required.  The amount of mitigation required per project is based on the potential impact to the CTS and the distance to the closes breeding site.  For an example, let’s say your project will create 1 acre of activity which has the potential to impact CTS and the project site is within 500 feet of a known breeding site, you would need to purchase 3 acres of land at a mitigation bank.

The following ratios for required area of mitigation to area of impact is listed below:

Mitigation of 3:1 – For projects that are within 500 feet of a known breeding site

Mitigation of 2:1 – For projects that are greater than 500 feet and within 2,200 feet of a known breeding site, and for projects beyond 2,200 feet from a known breeding site, but within 500 feet of an adult occurrence.

Mitigation of 1:1 – For projects that are greater than 2,200 feet and withing 1.3 miles of a know breeding site.

Mitigation of 0.2:1 – For projects that are greater than 1.3 miles from a know breeding site and greater than 500 feet from an adult occurrence but excluding the “no Effect” area shown on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Enclosure 1.

If you are wondering if your project is subject to the CTS requirements or have general questions, please feel free to give us a call.

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